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Dynamic webdesign

All of the text content is saved separately from the web design templates within the webag automat content database. This is an important factor in allowing a new design guide to be implemented without making changes to the content.

The automat template manager controls how design templates are implemented. Templates can be assigned to the whole site or just to specific pages.

By changing the template assignment the whole website can be presented in a new web design.

For the definition of design templates the webag automat offers various technologies which simplify the process of generating dynamic web content. For example, the authored content is sheathed with the HTML code of the template.

This allows the complete website to be presented in the design of your styleguide.

The design template does not only contain static HTML code, it also defines dynamic code which starts a program that generates dynamic HTML code each time a web page is viewed.

Using this technology we implement e.g. dynamic navigation elements which are expanded or collapsed, depending upon the pages position within the folder-tree in the content database.

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